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Even a dumb squirrel !!

...Finds an acorn now and then. ;)  ;D

The front that recently came through lowered the temperature and the humidity enough for me to take my second summer foray
on the desolate upper main stem. Air temps around 78F and water temps around 80F. Sunny with some wind and less humifity made things pleasant.

Fished with a suspended jerk bait, a trick worm and a tube. Over 4 hours I found 4 smallmouth. Two were dinks.

One was fairly decent at around 15 inches.

And the "acorn" I found was this rather thin 19 incher. Didn't weigh her but I don't think she was over 4 llbs.

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My personal best walleye

I caught my personal best walleye last night. I kept it to mount. I'm definitely going through with it I talked to the taxidermist this am.  I killed it so I'm definitely mounting it but now I'm having 2nd thoughts.  I didn't have a tape on the river and estimated it to be a 30 inch fish. It taped out to 27 and a bit, still my biggest by a lot but I thought it  was a little bigger. I don't know maybe I should have waited and released. 

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