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19 May 2018 - Bowmans Headwaters

Bowmans Creek had some pH issues. Some Organizations banded together and brought in many truck loads of crushed limestone and dumped it into the creek to buffer the water. It seems to have worked based on my experience yesterday 5/18/18. I had the whole length of the creek to myself not another angler to be seen, in fact I only saw a half dozen vehicle all morning. I was looking for something different to do and saw that there was a trib of Bowman's listed as a wilderness trout stream. I had to see that for myself. I knew it was going to be an interesting day when I stepped out of my truck and spotted a wild flower that was new to me, still working on that. I had a few follows in the main creek then hit the trail to find the mouth of the feeder. I caught the one and only native from this trib in the first hole right at the mouth then went without luck for the mile that I hiked up through the beech and hemlocks. It is tough to sneak up on wild brookies in tiny creeks. They dart for cover at the first sign of danger. Bigger pools and the pools at the base of waterfalls provide me the best chance of catching. After this I decided to continue up the mountain and see what I could catch in Bowmans. I tried spots that looked promising in the stocked waters and caught a fish just about at every stop. One spot had another trib coming in and I followed it up a ways. Noticing a good layer of foam in a set back crevice I dragged a salted minnow through it and bingo caught a gorgeous brookie about 7 or 8 inches. Just a great time on a decent day.

Found the plant ID:
Pedicularis canadensis - Wood Betony; Canadian Lousewort. Canadian Lousewort is found throughout the eastern 2/3 of the United States and Canada, all the way down into northern Florida. It has long been considered as having medicinal properties.


12 May 2018 - Gearing Up

Started to gear up for my summer cat fishing this week. I had the boat out on the 5th and the 10th both evenings to about 10 PM. Got a 28 inch each night one male one female. Plus some smaller fish Mixed on live and cut up bluegill. Thursday night after the t-storms I was out and the fog rolled in. No shore visible, I had to feel my way back along the treeline until my spotlight hit the reflective launch marker. If I missed it I would have been down in Dry's neighborhood in the morning.

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