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Got out in the boat both days this weekend. The afternoon until dark on Saturday and the morning until 1 on Sunday. River levels are perfect for boating. Enough water to float above the rocks and gravel bars that were problematic last month. Water clarity was low lost sight of my jigs when they were just over a foot below the surface but the fish were cooperative and I caught quite a few. About 5 walleyes all small the largest was just at the 15 inch legal mark. Some dandy smallmouth and 5 or 6 rock bass. The better smallies all came on day 1. All the fish were caught on the bright chartreuse grub with a white jig head and a small minnow. Oh yea there was one perch too?

My son was scheduled to get some training for his next scouting challenge so I used the waiting time (4hrs.) to drive down the road a bit and fish the Lackawanna River. I had scouted an area close by last spring and although I didn't have any luck then I thought it worth the time to try again. I wasn't disappointed this time around. I hooked two small brown trouts within a few minutes at the first spot I tried. I was just tossing a Joe's flies spinner, gold blade with a black feather tail. The sun was coming up and starting to hit the water, I was glad to be on the sunny side of the river and fishing into the shadows. My next stop was a awesome looking current swept hole. The water runs straight into a steep rocky bank and has cut a deep trench all along the shoreline. I tried drifting some salties through the depths but went with out a strike. Switching back to the Joe's fly I worked my way done the run and was rewarded with a solid hit. Thoughts of a big hook jawed brown raced through my head but suddenly a big bronze torpedo launched from the surface. smallie. Funny one of my best smallies this year came miles from the river on a trib. On the morning went caught a couple more browns missed a few and one more nice smallie and it was time to pick up my son. One parting thought, I recall a knotweed discussion on the site recently. It is game over as far as this invasive is concerned. The shores of the Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Pine Creek, and The Tunkhannock Creek are completely overgrown with the stuff. Millions upon millions of the plants are now dripping with trillions of seeds that will be washed down the water ways every time the rivers rise. This has been going on for years. Its a shame but knotweed is here to stay.

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