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Another try

I've been burning up a lot of .22 ammo this winter...Now if I could ski maybe I could enter the Olympic Biathalon.  8) :o ;D ....for seniors that is.

I did take a day this week to check my woman again. Water temps rose to 35F and I thought I might soon find a smallmouth.

Well...they are still vacationing in the Bahamas but I did land 3 monstrous carp. Two of them were foul hooked in the tail but there is always one that either gets irritated or is hungry and tries to eat my offering. A 30 pound fish is easier to land hooked in the mouth than in the tail or dorsal fin.

The old girl (Susky-Q) is gonna rise a little and warm temps are forecast for next week. When that water gets up to 37-38F I'm expecting some action.


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It's Wading Season Again

Time for long rods and light line.
As I get older I find myself staying closer to the shoreline and when the smallmouth move out...well...that's the time for long casts.
It is surprising how far a hard suspending jerkbait can be hurled with a 7 1/2-8 foot ML rod and 4-6 lb. monofilament line.

The Susquehanna is falling again and these three pound beauties had left the shoreline and were feeding far out.

Just remember to re-tie often...that light line takes a beating.  ;)

And...just in case anyone is following the pollution problems in the upper mainstem...the smallmouth where I fish still have black spots.


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