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This Nor'easter treated us folks in Snyder County to a little slush and rain. No real snow, ice or wind. But my wife felt nervous about driving to her chiropractor app't so I drove her there and went to see my mistress.  ;D
Didn't have any boots or rain gear but in about 30 minutes I had 5 smallies....Oh boy!!

So after lunch I returned to Susky-Q and picked up 7 more smallies, a nice walleye and someone's lost goldfish.  ;)  :)

Half the smallies were 2.5-3 pounds and three of them were over 3 pounds. Nice winter fish.

Right now we could stand to see some stable water temperatures around 38-40F and we might have a good cold water bite.


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March One Cats

Perfectly timed and executed Catfishin' Mission today on the north branch. Watched the levels and the weather all week, when the curves synced up and converged this morning just before the weather and the river will both turn wild and inhospitable I made my move. I fished from 9 to 12 and landed 12 cats, channels, of various sizes most in the lower twenties but one tank that was 26 or 27 inches. using up leftover ice bait for now but have a plan to get some fresh live bait as soon as my boat is back in action. May go again as soon as the levels start to drop in a few days.

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