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It's Wading Season Again

Time for long rods and light line.
As I get older I find myself staying closer to the shoreline and when the smallmouth move out...well...that's the time for long casts.
It is surprising how far a hard suspending jerkbait can be hurled with a 7 1/2-8 foot ML rod and 4-6 lb. monofilament line.

The Susquehanna is falling again and these three pound beauties had left the shoreline and were feeding far out.

Just remember to re-tie often...that light line takes a beating.  ;)

And...just in case anyone is following the pollution problems in the upper mainstem...the smallmouth where I fish still have black spots.


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Nov. 4-5 North Branch Conditions

Got out in the boat both days this weekend. The afternoon until dark on Saturday and the morning until 1 on Sunday. River levels are perfect for boating. Enough water to float above the rocks and gravel bars that were problematic last month. Water clarity was low lost sight of my jigs when they were just over a foot below the surface but the fish were cooperative and I caught quite a few. About 5 walleyes all small the largest was just at the 15 inch legal mark. Some dandy smallmouth and 5 or 6 rock bass. The better smallies all came on day 1. All the fish were caught on the bright chartreuse grub with a white jig head and a small minnow. Oh yea there was one perch too?

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