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My personal best walleye

I caught my personal best walleye last night. I kept it to mount. I'm definitely going through with it I talked to the taxidermist this am.  I killed it so I'm definitely mounting it but now I'm having 2nd thoughts.  I didn't have a tape on the river and estimated it to be a 30 inch fish. It taped out to 27 and a bit, still my biggest by a lot but I thought it  was a little bigger. I don't know maybe I should have waited and released. 

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High, muddy. fast water and full moon have the smallmouth confused. Makes my job tough.
Only 2 smallies today

But this little 13" beauty hit one of my river darters. This is a flathead catfish. At least 10 miles from the confluence with the Susquehanna and not that far from the trout waters of this wonderful trib.

I'm anxiously awaiting snakeheads next... ;)  :)


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