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First Channel Cat of 2018

I had to try! I found a little break in the ice that put me in range of a decent catfish hole so I gave it a shot yesterday. It was very slow and my reflexes on the long rods wee off but I managed to hook and then land one. The ground is still hard as rock so no rod holders and it is covered with an inch of slippery as snot mud, so no getting to the edge to land a fish. I was lucky to land a medium one that I could slide up the bank to grab. One observation on the action, there were no black stone flies crawling all over everything. The best catfishing early spring in my past was when the stone flies were in my hair and neck, sounds like fun don't it? Next week after the water comes back down a bit should be epic.

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1st Smallie of 2018

The Susquehanna River level has come up to a great level for wading/walking the shoreline.
Color is stained but fishable. Not too much debris.  Air temp was very comfortably in the 60's today.

The problem is water temperature. Up and down....Up and down. Today at Danville the temp showed between 34-35F this AM.

Carp galore. All caught in the tail. But among them was one hungry smallmouth with icicles on his chin...wearing long johns.

This 2.5 pounder hit my Cabin Creek tube just as I raised it off the bottom on a slow drift.

I could only find one taker today but it's a start. If the water temp gets up closer to 40F and the levels stay up I might get some decent mid-winter smallmouthing.  ;) :D



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