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Chez Got One

So our good friend Chez went out in the fierce winds yesterday 1/6/19 and had a pretty good outing. I started myself but turned around when it started raining. Anyway Chez hit a good spot and got some eyes some channel cats and his first North Branch Flathead. I wished him congrats. He actually has a decent pic of it and the characteristic head and tail shape is plainly visible. I think he will pop in soon and let us know how he caught it.

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Sunday Morning

I preached at the Church on the Que this morning.
Had nine parishioners show up. They were sitting so close to my pulpit that I could have spit on them.
All they wanted to hear was the doctrine of "the Undulator flashabou."  8)

River levels have been steady but water temps are hovering just below 40F. I think more parishioners would show up if it would be a little warmer.  :)

Pastor Bill

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