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The bear has come out of hibernation!!

He is hungry!!

And fish are on the menu!!

So many signs of Spring!! Grackles, cowbirds, red-winged blackbirds and robins are all back. Geese  are flying. Crocuses are blooming. Black stone flies are emerging on the Susquehanna and sea gulls are coming up from the Chesapeake Bay. Mergansers and loons are on the water.

And the water temp has reached that magical number 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Picked up 8 smallies in about 2 hours this AM and missed another 5-6. Either the bears reflexes are still asleep or the smallmouth were just toying with the bear. Grrrrr!!!  :)

Most were in the 2-2.5 pound bracket with a couple of 3 pounders thrown in the mix.

The bear is happy !!   ;)  ;D


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Chez Got One

So our good friend Chez went out in the fierce winds yesterday 1/6/19 and had a pretty good outing. I started myself but turned around when it started raining. Anyway Chez hit a good spot and got some eyes some channel cats and his first North Branch Flathead. I wished him congrats. He actually has a decent pic of it and the characteristic head and tail shape is plainly visible. I think he will pop in soon and let us know how he caught it.

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