Author Topic: How many of you guys target Muskies on river?  (Read 26946 times)

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Re: How many of you guys target Muskies on river?
« Reply #30 on: December 18, 2015, 10:50:20 AM »
I'm looking to target Muskies myself on a regular basis!  I have been making my own lures for the past year & am finally ready to start to target them hard core.  I'm figuring on fishin for musky during the day & catfishing at night.  But,  when the water gets too warm,  just bass for this guy.  I do not want to kill a musky after it has been released.  My one best friend is a Musky pro in Buffalo NY.  He has caught 34 muskies this year so far.  Their season is now closed until the spring up there.  One piece of advise I can give is to keep a detailed log book or record your catch.  Every bit of detail will help to make you be able to pattern them better.  I have not yet caught a musky,  only hooked into them while bass fishing to have them spit the hook.  I can't wait to catch one while actually targeting them with one of my lures I've made.  I think I've put as much money into making the lures as it would cost to but another boat!! haha  But,  in the long run I will save money.  Plus I can make special colors.  From what my bud tells me,  you have to keep at it and cast, cast, cast.  Then cast some more.  This is coming from a guy who fishes one of the best musky fisheries in the north.  Persistence is the best advise I can give.  I'm going to need it myself.  Out of my friends,  I am the only one willing to put the time in and fish just for Musky.  So,  I'll be fishing alone for most of the time.  Size,  matters.  Don't be afraid to try different colors too.  Black is one of the best colors for musky.  Also,  this past year,  Vomit Shad color has been really hot up north.  Bondy baits have created that color from what I've been told.  I have put in the research & have ideas of where to fish.  Just need the water to go up some!  Still pretty shallow to find the deeper holes.  Also,  my bud did tell me that if you start catching walleye,  start fishing for musky!!! I have seen videos where musky are hanging right in there with the walleye.  So,  maybe I can talk my one bud into fishing with me for walleye! I will be posting the pic of my first musky!! When that will be is yet to be told.

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Re: How many of you guys target Muskies on river?
« Reply #31 on: December 18, 2015, 01:28:26 PM »
Just curious,  what kind of lures do you make for muskies?