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Title: Ask Eddy!
Post by: dretallack on July 29, 2018, 10:03:14 PM
I as many here this year have been frustrated with the smallmouth bass bite, or lack of. After this weeks rain, I was sitting in the recliner pondering my move for this evening. A buddy texted me and said he was out, due to he and the wife decided to get ice cream instead. After pondering mileage and drive time, I decided to default back to the river instead of a trib. As I was driving I heard a couple of past tid bits of sage wisdom, come back to my memory. So thank you Mr Dry. That was in the spring or after heavy rain, and I believe this week qualified as at least a moderate soaking. Its not like there were any records broken with the rain, in anyones back yard that was reported over 3 days. Now all sarcasm aside. I took down my weapon of choice, and grabbed my vest and headed up along the river. 1st stop was at my favorite hole, and as expected. Not a rock to fish off of. So I decided to ask eddy, where the fish may be. Just trying to get to eddy, was now an adventure. The normally easy to walk up a  gravel path, had a 5' brush pile, blocking me. Due to a tree that up rooted, in the previously mentioned moderate rain we had. Well when I finally made it to ask eddy where the fish were. He was a bit higher than I imagined. So I waded out to waist deep, since there was very little current. Initally the fist thing I noticed was, that water was sure cold. Wished I had my waders on, for protection and heat retention. Seeing how I was now singing soprano, and not tenor any more. From the first cast, the next 2 hours were my most productive fishing all season. In the eddy I was fishing, it has a small shale ridge. There was a party going on behind, as a current break. I landed 20, on the nose, all on larger crank baits. Ranging from 9"-15". As the evening drew on, the larger fish started to play. I found about every 10-15 casts, I had to rotate to another bait. Used the same 3 crank baits all night. The bite would slow down, change bait and game on again. I had at least another 4-6 hook ups, that got off also. I hope this is what FM was talking about. When he said he felt the bite was going to heat up. Hopefully this is the beginning of a better 2nd half of the summer.
Title: Re: Ask Eddy!
Post by: 1iarrowking on July 30, 2018, 08:40:38 AM
Wow that was a lot of typing.  Glad to see someone finally found them.  I have a theory.  They all got land locked during the spawn and now they were able to swim out of it. :)
Title: Re: Ask Eddy!
Post by: FM on July 30, 2018, 11:29:34 AM
When the water is high or very cold the fish head to the eddies. A flathead guide told me that during very high water the catch fish out of people's front yards.
Title: Re: Ask Eddy!
Post by: dretallack on July 30, 2018, 07:27:19 PM
Knowing when I left my house, I knew with a 90% chance I was going to end up in the eddy. I grabbed my light action rod. On the way back to the car, I was curious if there were fish in the eddy's in the main channel. The 1st cast, as soon as the crank bait hit the current, I thought I got thumped by a smallmouth. It almost doubled my rod in 2, maybe not doubled but bent it well. The reason I knew it wasn't a fish, I could feel the rapid movement of the lure action. There was an incredible amount current flow. One of the other cool thing I witnessed, that I hadn't seen much this summer. Was a white fly hatch, not to the point of it looking like a snow storm but close. Also there was not hide or hair of a boat or fisherman.
Title: Re: Ask Eddy!
Post by: Brewguy on August 02, 2018, 09:23:17 AM
Do you think eddy is still around?  I was thinking about trying to take the fly rod up and visit.