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Title: tribs
Post by: DRY on April 10, 2019, 08:26:16 PM
It's amazing what you can find on small tribs.

I finally got the boat out earlier this week and fished a little. Picked up 6 cookie cutter 2 pounders on artificial worms and the boat did not sink (no appreciable leaking). 

After some yard work earlier today the wind picked up so I waded a local trib this afternoon for a couple hours.

First cast with the stone cattie and I had a solid hit and hooked a small submarine that never jumped. When I landed it I had a 24 inch muskie hooked right at the tip of the snout.


The second cast I felt another solid hit but this fish was an ICBM...jumped once...took off and broke my 6 lb. test. Another muskie but maybe a little bigger. Maybe they were brothers or thinking about spawning.

Changed holes because not much happened after that. No more action on the stone cats. But the imitation crayfish and the small creek river darter landed 5 smallies....

Including this 3 lb 10 oz. fish...


And this 3 lbs. 6 oz. fish...


Gonna try the boat tomorrow if the wind behaves.

Title: Re: tribs
Post by: DRY on April 11, 2019, 06:56:34 PM up this AM and the temp was 40 F
A little cold for boating...I am a little wimpy in that regard.

After making some banana, blueberry, walnut oatmeal pancakes  ;D  mmmmmmmm

I decided to try wading another section of the trib...

Water temp 50F...almost got the skunk. Don't know where they were or what they were doing but I only put one in the creel (so to speak).


These little beauties were growing out of nowhere it seems...must have washed downstream from someones yard.


Rainy day of these days I will get the boat out.