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Title: Summertime Cats?
Post by: brownmk19 on July 06, 2019, 06:45:05 PM
Anybody been out this summer for channel cats? The fishing usually slacks off a bit in July as the cats are usually spawning now. The fishing seems to rebound by August. I'll be out during August targeting them from the boat with live bait, hopefully I will find some good ones......maybe even a flathead!
Title: Re: Summertime Cats?
Post by: John Wojo on July 08, 2019, 07:54:15 AM
I went out from the Shickshinny launch on July 5th from 7-10:30 PM.   We fished a hole I marked the day before while fishing for small mouth.  The hole didn't hold any monsters, but the action was non stop.  First night trip on my boat and definitely not the last.  Only downside was dodging a couple dobson flies that really took a liking to me! 
Title: Re: Summertime Cats?
Post by: brownmk19 on July 09, 2019, 11:50:30 AM

The area around the Shickshinny launch is definitely a good area for cats! I've caught some very nice fish in that area, and I personally witnessed a solid 31" channel cat that was caught and released in that general vicinity. Some nice deep water too. I have yet to launch my boat out of there, but I've checked it out and the launch looks pretty decent, protected from the current which is nice. I'll definitely be giving it a try in August. I've only ever shore fished in that area. Summertime Cats are so much fun!

Haven't heard from our resident catfish expert in a while. Are you out there, FM? ;D 8)
Title: Re: Summertime Cats?
Post by: John Wojo on July 10, 2019, 10:00:27 AM
Ya there's definitely some nice water worth exploring down there.  It was my first time using that launch and I didn't have any issues.  I usually use the Hunlock Creek launch a couple miles upriver.  I think I saw FM launching a time or two at the Hunlock launch when I was pulling out. The person mentioned flat heads so I assume it was him.  I was going to ask if he was FM from the Susky Fishers forum but I didn't.