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04 May 2014 - Opening Day Walleyes

Walleye Fishing, Susquehanna River
I managed to get away from yard work and spend a few hours fishing for eyes and smallies yesterday. I first checked out the point where the Lackawanna River enters the Susky, interesting place. there were about 14 cars parked by the gate and a constant parade of comers and goers, hauling coolers and girlfriends, I expected to see a double wide baby carriage but it never materialized. This place gets pounded, partly because it is easy to get to and right in the middle of the valley. Also it is a great location for fish. It has everything the Tunkhannock Creek mouth has but more and bigger. I caught 2 walleyes here on my 2nd and 3rd casts. Picked up a smallmouth a few minutes later. There were guys in a boat fishing up in the Lacky, people fishing the ponds, people with dogs fishing top water baits it was a zoo. lol I came I saw and I headed for more peaceful waters.

Moving up river a ways I hit the spot that had produced some nice fish last week. I wasn't disappointed. along with the expected smallmouths I got another walleye and a really nice perch. They definitely wanted the darker colored plastics yesterday I switched to the chartreuse/orange for a while and went fishless until I broke it off and went back to a pumpkin with purple flakes. I want to try for catfish tonight but have to check the weather before I commit to it.
I will attach the pics to this post as soon as they are done uploading.

Conditions sucked.  The nuisance wind wouldn't let up. But I'm glad I brought my spinning rod and those plastics. Picked up 4 smb in the first pass through a 100 yd section after working that area and another section just below it I ended that day with 13 smallies and two ch cats.. Missed 3 monsters on my light tackle, carp maybe. The channels were caught on cut bait. I came after cats but the bite seemed off, might have gotten better after dark didn't stay to find out.

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