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Pondpro musky hunt

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Hey new  to the site, looking forward to the future of some tuff days on this river. I recently bought a 1648 grizzly tracker with a 25hp jetdrive so i can pursure the elusive musky in the great susky. Im from new berlin and will be traveling as much as i can to get down around the lower chenango, Binghamton and the great bend area, i will be purchasing my pa license here soon and plan on making my third trip for musky near the great bend an i plan on sharing my experiences on the river here on this post... wish me luck! I will be starting off with a casting rod an once i find some honey  holes and become more confident i will be switching over to the fly rod. Feel free to give so advise lol   8) so anyways how is the water conditions? I kno last week everything was pretty muddy with all the rain and with how nice this week was im hoping fingers crossed that she will be good to go this weekend.

Unfortunately....there is no cure for your illness  ;)  :D  !!

Good luck.


Haha thanks, definitely committed at this point!

Good luck Pondpro - I Know a lot of my friends who have caught bigger Musky were just out bass fishing and BAM...almost like a happy little accident!  ;)

Thank you, an that is pretty much what im getting for information on the web, all by accident while targeting bass so it has me thinking of using smaller to medium baits for them, its worth a shot :D


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