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My oh my!!

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I had 2 more inches of rain over the weekend. The old girl is climbing up past 14 feet...again.

Spent several hours at the shooting range this AM then came home and sawed out some target frames and a couple of bluebird boxes.

After making lunch (I do all the cooking since my wife and I retired) I decided to take a look at Susky-Q.

She is high but water color looked decent so I decided to throw a few jigs from the shoreline. Not so much as a tick.

Then I felt a tap...I set the hook and the rock or log didn't move (I already had lost several jigs).

Then the log took off and stripped about 15 yds. of line off my reel. Brought the log to shore and it did it again.

Then the log started tail dancing...not once...not twice...but 3 times. Fortunately, my jig had missed the mouth of this musky and was impaled in the edge of the gill plate.

Another short run and Mr. Musky came to the shore tired out. No way to get down the steep bank and I didn't have boots on anyhow.

Took this picture of what looked like a 40 inch fish then broke the line and pushed Mr. Musky out into the current with the butt of my fishing rod and away he swam.

Shortly afterwards this appeared.


Way to go. You should see some rise in the levels tomorrow. It popped up about 8 feet over night here.

NOAA River Prediction shows 12-14 feet for the rest of the week.  :o A little high for boating for me. And the water temp continues to drop   :(

This morning I glued together 2 bluebird houses and a rifle job is to clean up the yard for winter.


I may try tomorrow its supposed in the 70's the river has to be normal jf7


--- Quote from: johnfries7 on October 31, 2018, 07:45:03 PM ---I may try tomorrow its supposed in the 70's the river has to be normal jf7

--- End quote ---
Walked the Susky shoreline today...she is high,fast and cold at 14 feet with NOAA prediction for 16-17 feet this weekend. Water color looks good...but there wasn't a single smallmouth to be had were I fish and there have been scant smallmouth for weeks. I hope for better this winter.



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