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Still no smallmouth

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Four days into the New Year and 3 cans of sauerkraut...and still no smallmouth  ::)  ;)  :)

But I found 2 other species that like my artistic lure creations.

First cast with the Undulator Flashabou (UF) and this nice walleye sucked it in.

Tried several other eddies of interest...but not so much as a passing glance.

When I got to one of my very favorite spots I found another species that liked my UF...took about 6 mean and nasty runs out into the current...jumped twice just to scare me...and then came to my feet...thank goodness for the fish gripper.

Just over 10 pounds and almost 36 inches...just may be another reason why the bass are scarce...with this apex predator prowling the shoreline...the bass are in hiding.

I thought about another can of sauerkraut tonight but my wife said...NO!!!!   ;D


Got rid of the skunk!
I bet that was quite a battle on finesse tackle!

bill you are a trooper. jf7

That sauerkraut doesn't seem to work to well for SM luck but after three days of it the walleye luck kicks in. First trip of the year yielded a dozen walleye, two 12" SM and a fall fish. Secret lure was thpJk.jpg[/img]e ole twister tail!

that's a long tag end shiv


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