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New guy to forum and Musky


Hey all,   This is my first post on this forum.   I have decided to dedicate this season fishing specifically for Musky, Pike, Walleye, and Catfish.  I have never targeted Musky and Pike before.   My question to those experienced Musky Hunters of the Susky out there is, what are some items you consider as "must haves"?  I ordered a Musky net, long pliers, and  Knipex hook cutters.  What would be some of your suggestions on rod, reel, line, and some lures that you just would never leave the house without?  I live in Watsontown and will be fishing the river on both branches and down to Halifax.   Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. 

I'm no expert on the subject by any stretch, I've only caught one Musky out of the river. For what it's worth: I own a St. Croix Premier Musky Rod (7.6' Medium Heavy power, fast action). I like it a lot. It's a pretty good rod for throwing your run of the mill bucktails like the Mepps Musky Killers, Giant Killers, Buchertails and even the Cowgirls. It's a good rod for chucking the BullDawg soft plastic jerkbaits too. I pair it with a Abu C3 6500 spooled with 60 pound PowerPro and it works really well. The Powerpro casts a country mile. Word of warning with braids/superlines: they are extremely strong and when you snag on the bottom............good luck breaking off.  The C3 is a great workhorse reel...........if you're serious, buy the power handle conversion kit and change the handle out for more torque when retrieving big bucktails all day. I think that far and away, the most prolific warm water producers for musky on the river are big bucktail spinners. You can power fish them and cover lots of water quickly. Black seems to be a good color. That's all for now. I've gotta get some rest. Good luck!

Thanks a bunch for all the advice.   My bank account is about to cringe after this order.   Lol. 

I haven't targeted musky in many years.  I have only caught one really big one 46" at Frances Slocum many years ago.  Beyond the advice browmmk19 offered my uncle swears by trolling fire tiger colored lures in the river.  He does pretty well with that approach.  They pretty much are similar to a perch color.  Make sure when the lure gets to the boat your watching behind it they like to follow a lure all the way to the boat, if you see them do a figure 8 with the lure and sometimes they will hit. Hope you catch a big one they are an awesome fish.

Well, welcome to the site JMAX....  I can't really offers any good tips on Musky as i've only ever caught 1 myself and Walleye are on my bucket list too before I leave this world.. ;D

As for the Cats, read deep in all our Threads and Posts within the past 2 months...  pretty much all of everyone's tips is shared.... and they're all good tips!!

Good Luck.


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