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2019 Channel Cats

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I eagerly await early spring every year, as I find fishing from a muddy  riverbank waiting for for some of the biggest cats of the year to pounce on my cutbait to be the best ways to spend an afternoon. After a slow first putting I quickly made up for that by  getting on some fish and there seemed to be a lot of bigger fish this year too. I think I've caught more cats this year longer than 24" than I have in past seasons. A few in the pictures after making some rough measurements against my rod when I got home we're about 28-29.5" inches
 Hoping to crack the magical 30" mark soon! All fish were broad, healthy looking and looked well fed, lol. I've gotta find a fishing partner! Lol. These pictures on the ground don't do the size of these fish any justice!

What made me fall in love with channel cats as a true sport fish is how they absolutely crush the bait, especially as the water warms up a bit and how powerful they are once hooked. My cat rods are all medium heavy power rods with 20 lb test line and those bigger cats definitely give you a hard time, even with the set ups I use. It's an awesome feeling to hook into something that can sometimes pull back almost as hard as you can. I've got my boat squared away for the season and I'll definitely be giving the flatheads a whirl this season. I would love to try to tustle with one of those beasts!

Nice catfish.

I am an older geezer who has used monofilament for everything over the years. I've tried the no-stretch braids and spider wires but can't seem to get use to them. I see you have bright red/orange line. Really bright.  :o   8)   ???

Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's lips  ;D

Clearly the catfish are not line shy of the red color. Is there a particular benefit to bright red line? I assume it is a braid or spider wire? Does it even appear red in deeper water?


Hi Bill,

I agree wholeheartedly. I too have used braid/superlines and I'm not a fan of them either. They're zero stretch properties have a pretty substantial learning curve, especially when it comes to setting the hook, a learning curve that I do not possess, lol. I do use PowerPro, but only in specific situations and it does perform well. I only use braid on my heavier laregemouth bass set up and I use it exclusively for fishing frogs in heavy vegetation mats and timber, 40 lb braid gets them moving in the right direction in a hurry.

Anyways, I prefer mono for river fishing and use it exclusively for cats. I started my Trilene Big Game and it was OK, but left a lot to be desired when it came to manageability. Two years ago, I came across the orange line you see here. It's specifically made for catfish and it's made by WhiskerSeeker. It's awesome, I love it. Excellent casting, almost no memory, strong and tough as they come. Head and shoulders above Trilene. As for the color, it's specifically made that color because it lights right up when night fishing and it is very easy to see against a dark background. I'm very particular when it comes to rigging, so while I don't THINK that cats are line shy......I don't take any chances. I use a 20 lb fluorocarbon leader on all my rigs to minimize the chance that a fish would get spooked by the orange color. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fishing for smallies and eyes on the river, but nothing beats laying into big channel cats just as the ice recedes from the lakes and the air is heavy with the promise of spring not far behind. Soon the bass should really start turning on.....

bill I grew up with marylin Monroe I was devastated when she passed away. jf7


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