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Opinions on Circle Hooks


I've been having a pretty decent start this year for channel cats, a few beautiful specimens too in the 26"-29" class. Anyways, maybe it's the cold water, maybe the fish are finicky or maybe I'm just getting rusty, lol.......but I feel like I am getting a lot of strikes, but connecting on way too few of them. I'm missing a lot of good hard strikes. Not sure if I'm swinging too early or too late or what. I'm using good sharp hooks.

So, I was wondering what folks opinions on circle hooks are? Does anyone feel as though they have increased their hookup ratio with circle hooks? Anyone like them more or less than regular hooks? I kinda like the idea of just reeling steadily to set the hook........

Before I had my "awakening"  ;)   :) and became an "artificial lure" only smallmouth fisherman...I used circle hooks exclusively for fishing live bait (shiners) for smallmouth.
They were excellent.
I am quite sure they should work well on catfish.


 I've pretty well switched over to all circle hooks on my tip-ups for ice fishing. Those are baited with shiners or fatheads if I'm after perch/crappies. My catch rate has probably increased 3x's with the circle hooks. It is a bit of a learning curve to fight the impluse to set the hook. I did rig up a heavier rod to try bait for stripers last year but never tried it so I have no first hand rod+reel experiance..... may have to get out the "freezer burnt" eel chunks and try that if Poppa Wolfe doesn't put us on "lockdown" !

Used them for years in the Delaware river and bay and also in the ocean when live lining bunker. And hook ups where great on stripers just locked up the drag and let them take the rod down lift the rod out of the holder and reel them in, didn't loose many at all, But when the blues would hit I had to go to a j hook because blues chop at the bait so missed a lot with circles. Now as for fresh water bass I am like bill strictly a lure fisherman. But I don't see a problem using circles for bass but for catfish which sometimes nibble the bait and don't swallow it like bass and more so in cold water you might miss some cats. So in my option in cold water you be better off with j hooks and hooking them fast,

Appreciate the feedback,  I'm gonna start using them for cats and see how they work out. I'll report back here. Could be an interesting learning curve trying to train myself to NOT set the hook, lol. Hopefully it works out!


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