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Pawatch's new boat

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Phil Sweeney:

Thank You Phil for posting that!
New boat is a Crestliner VT18 with a 115/80 jet. It's 3 years old and only has 6.9 hours on the engine.
I wanted something a little bigger and I come across this boat. Probably more boat than I need, but I will enjoy it.

The bottom pic is my Crestliner 1648 jet...AKA beater boat.  :) I'm still careful with it.
For the last 20 years I have run 2 boats.


How does Phil get the picture posted before Pawatch?   ???


--- Quote from: zelmo on August 23, 2020, 09:17:08 AM ---?

How does Phil get the picture posted before Pawatch?   ???

--- End quote ---

I am struggling with Imgur. I havent run Windows in over 20 years, "Linux "
I tried to load it on my iPad and Imgur says my software isnt up to date. And my iPad says my software is up to date. so I'm not sure.

Phil offered to post it for me and I said thanks.

Congrats on your new ride.  Sounds like you found a winner.  Now you need to put some fish in it. 

Was that at a dealer or was it a private sale?  A couple of months ago I couldn’t find anything used that was worth the asking price. 


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