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Susky Striper Video

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This comes by way of new member 240 LTS.
thank you sir!

Very cool video.

Nice Video!

Thx...nice video

240 LTS:
Thanks guys. I haven't been back since I signed up. Just saw this thread.
There are other videos on my yt channel.

LMB and Stripers.

This is the latest from April 26, this past Saturday.

It has been very tough on the Flats. Grass is typically up by now but with the harsh winter, heavy rains, muddy water, no sunlight penetration = no grass for the baitfish, LMB and Stripers.

I was all bass all the time from 1985-about 2006. I started striper fishing on the Susquehanna River, The Flats, and the Upper/Upper Bay. I seem to do more of that then bass although I still love to bass fish, ....and yellow perch fish,.... and white perch fish, ....and, well, fish in general.
I am not a "Salt Water" angler, more Brackish to Sweet-water. I don't troll, chum, live-line like it is typically done down the bay, ...."not that there's anything wrong with that"   ;)

I try and snap a few photos while out there also.

Thanks again.
240 LTS


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