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Sunday morning bonanza

Sunday morning I always make my special banana,walnut, blueberry oatmeal pancakes. My wife loves them. I get points then so I can go fishing.  ;)  :)

Arrived at the trib around 9:30 AM and there was a guy already wading downstream. I figured he went through my hole but...who knows...maybe he missed something. T'was another cold night with AM temps around 31 F this morning.

Picked up two 2-2.5 pounders on the Lockett minnow that he must have missed...and then nothing. So I moved a little downstream and put on the stone cattie that produced yesterday.

Bing! Bang! Boom!  It was a thunderous hit and felt like a BIG rock. I played her gingerly and asked her politely not to jump again.

20 inches...4 Lbs 6 oz. (here are 2 views)

Over an inch of rain is predicted in the next 24 hours...maybe her big sister will move upstream in the high water.  ;D


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Friday 2/28/20

Got to work about 12:30 PM
For the first 45 min. didn't have a hit.
Water level rising...water temperature falling...bright sun...windy like yesterday...hmmmmmmm
I kept searching the eddies that were starting to come back..

Finally I picked up a 1 pounder....then a 2.5 pounder... then this 3 pounder

then the biggest one of the season weighing in at 4 lbs. 3 oz. (she doesn't look as big as the 3 pounder but that is all about camera angle)

She came out of some flooded rip-rap and hit like a freight train...heading out into the current...felt like a carp at first...

Winter smallmouth fishing...what fun !!  ;D


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