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Raystown May 4

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Phil Sweeney:
Just when I thought the net rig wasn't going to produce anymore

3.07 pounds

Nice fish Phil
Looks like your having a pretty good spring season at Raystown. Thanks for sharing.

If I remember correctly you are doing much better this year than last.  Well done.

Do you spend any nights at home these days?

Phil Sweeney:
thanks doug! Rick I am definitely doing better this April than other years. I come home on the weekends. had a really good day today not so much in the fish I caught, though I did catch about 15
I caught 4-5 fish in three new areas I checked out today. Lost a nice fish. I probably had 15 to 20 short strikes and noncommittal lookers! very active day!

By the way the water temperature is about 60

Phil Sweeney:
thursday - not too many 1 2.87 lbs. Took with my camera. Much better than the iphone - I think.

a little scenery Friday. only caught 2 redeyes and 1 white perch


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