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Camping issues at Raystown


Phil Sweeney:
Only allowed 14 days at seven points each month. With the senior pass itís only $15 a day non-water site. I top off every day so staying at waterside site not important to me.  Spring this year I stayed at seven points in April and May 14 days each. I also stayed quite a few days in trough Creek State Park.  Trough Creek is a little rough no showers . Sometime in October thereís no reasonable camping because everything closes down.
Even at 66 and still healthy enough to bend down and camp on the ground. Little space heater in the tent made a world of difference.
Pulled the trigger and bought this RV at a local site.

Problem solved!

Phil, I didn't see this post until after you made reference to the RV in another thread.  Is that the kind you tow?  If so how do you pull it and the boat?

Phil Sweeney:
One can tow it but it is a permanent installation at Hemlock Hideaway. I really lucked out. Leaving Tatman Run it takes me 12.5 minutes to get to camp, park the boat and then the truck. Tatman is my favorite ramp. Though in April I launch from 7 points.

I didnít realize it was permanent.  Now you can fish there even more throughout the year!


Phil Sweeney:
Thanks. There was a 4-5 year period from about 2000 to 2005, well I thought the fishing was better on the pond. It has really gone down hill. Iím a little hopeful about next year there been a lot of really good reports about the river!


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