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Where do you like to fish for Smallies


I see a lot of guys fishing very different types of spots when they are out wet wading. I have my preference and I'm sure others do to. When I hit the water I like to find fast water that tails out into a long rocky boulder filled run. The riffels where the water breaks over shaoolw rocks oxygenates the water and attracts fish and bait. The rocks and boulders are places for the fish and bait to have cover. Works of me I see guys standing up to their armpits in the water fishing deeper slower moving areas and others fishing broad shallow flats with many big rocks exposed. What is your favorite type of smallie water and why?

"I like to find fast water that tails out into a long rocky boulder filled run"  and just map them out for the rest of us, lol, just kidding, that's pretty much what I look for.

I like current with deep cuts, big rocks and current breaks for crankbaits and drifting wooly buggers. 

A lot of the spots I end up fishing at night are usually at the end of riffles where you might imagine a man made dam or wide current break.  Below that the water slacks out over nice sized rocks.   I  believe the smallies move into the slack and shallower water at night to ambush unsuspecting minnows and other prey.  I've caught big channels at night in those types of spots as well.

My guess is you'll get a lot of responses from guys that like the rocky bottoms, luckily for us the Susky has plenty of that which is one of the many factors that makes it such great smallie water.   A lot of other guys will say that water temps will determine where the smallies are feeding.

It depends on the water temperature and season for me. Some times I like to post up near the mouth of a tributary (either Pequea, Chiques, or Conestoga) and fish near any current breaks.

During the summer, we head out to the grass beds and do fairly well.

If we're wading, we fish right below some rapids and in the slackwater, usually letting our bait ride the current so it gives the bass a natural presentation.

Im with you guys.I love the same areas.One thing i will say i have been in deep holes up to my ArmPitts and have done very well.Even with the slow moving water.This has always worked for me,just before and during a light to med.rain.ISame in the Delaware.

i love where tribs come in and off of island breaks. faster water leading to deeper pools.cast way up current into the fast water and drift through with the rod high up in the the air. and when i hit the slower deeper water a nice slow jig with live bait. get most of the nicer ones when you hit the tranistion spot from the current to the deeper pools.great ambush spot for the smallies to sit and let the current bring their dinner to them. and cast to the sides of boulders and sweep under them also does well for me.also will pick some pike up if theres a muddy bottom with slack water by the backsides of islands.if you see suckers in these areas the toothies will ambush them in these spots.


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