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To Get Your Topic Featured on the forum frontpage you need to: first have a good paragraph's worth of reasonably intelligent commentary on your topic. Secondly you need to have a few decent pictures. Try to put the best pic first, If you don't, I will, so don't be surprised. Your commentary can be about your catch the weather the location the bait or technique, even about all the fun you had. You pics also should show what you were doing, what it was like, what the area looked like, etc. No offence to you guys who post these but, I will not use kitchen sink shots, back porch shots or pics in the parking lot. I don't have high standards lol but that is one that I do hold. I have never seen a kitchen sink shot in in-fisherman or any other fishing publication for that matter. I want to feature your trips out your successes even your fails, as long as you keep it interesting and meet the minimum standard. Don't worry about spelling or grammar. We can deal with it. I may have to give some sort of award at the end of summer for the best featured topic.


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