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Squid Flathead:
I fished the Susky for the past 10 years or so with artificial lures BUT recently switched to fishing crawlers and shiners on the bottom.  I am really enjoying fishing this way and catching a lot bigger fish.  I've learned a little bit along the way... upsized my gear a few sizes... using a 3-way swivel, a dipsy sinker and 2 big hooks.  I have 2 heavy Ugly stiks that work pretty good.  Thinking of putting Penn Battle 2's (4000 size) on both of them for next season. 

Been catching channel cats, flatheads, bass, some eels, couple carp.  Hoping to perhaps hook a walleye or pike.  This season is almost done but I want to hit it hard in the Spring!

Looking for advice of any kind from folks who fish live bait.  What kind of main line and leader do you use for what applications?... stuff like that.

Your questions are very open ended.  A lot depends on what you're fishing for, and where you're fishing.  I mostly fish for catfish, and I use 15# test Stren (orange) Catfish Mono as my main line.  I use 20# or 30# leader material on all of my hooks.  I use either a single hook below a sliding weight, or sometimes a Hi-Lo rig if fishing from shore or a pier.  Hope this helps. 

How do you rig your 3-way swivel, dipsy sinker and 2 hooks?



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