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Friday 2/28/20

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Got to work about 12:30 PM
For the first 45 min. didn't have a hit.
Water level rising...water temperature falling...bright sun...windy like yesterday...hmmmmmmm
I kept searching the eddies that were starting to come back..

Finally I picked up a 1 pounder....then a 2.5 pounder... then this 3 pounder

then the biggest one of the season weighing in at 4 lbs. 3 oz. (she doesn't look as big as the 3 pounder but that is all about camera angle)

She came out of some flooded rip-rap and hit like a freight train...heading out into the current...felt like a carp at first...

Winter smallmouth fishing...what fun !!  ;D


Dry your catching some beautiful fish!! It's another cold day too.
Appreciate you sharing your experience.

Your making me feel guilty for sitting in front of my wood stove.
What was the water temp today?


--- Quote from: Pawatch on February 28, 2020, 03:32:10 PM ---...What was the water temp today?

--- End quote ---

Two days ago when I took the mud bath it was 40F

Today it was just under 38F when I started

Should be good when the river crests just so the temp doesn't fall to far with the cold nights.


Phil Sweeney:
On the willie wannabe?

Couple beauties, way to go!! Hooked my 4.2 a couple years ago and had the same experience. When I took up slack from setting the hook, maybe 2 seconds, I'd swear he was 30 yds away from the hook set spot and headed to China! That rush is what I fish for!


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