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Half empty or half full?

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Are you the kind of person who sees the glass as half empty or half full?

I am the latter, and yesterday is a good example.  I had been hearing of good largemouth catches out of Goldsboro so I decided to take the Triton there yesterday to give it a try.  I knew storms had blown through on Sunday night but I thought that might help the bite.  I launched about 20 minutes before first light and went to a spot that works for them this time of year.  Even in the low light conditions I could tell it wasn't going to work.  Lots of floating debris and the water was chocolate. 

I worked that area for about 3 hours and had two fish to show for my efforts.  I gave up on the LM and went to a spot that usually produced SM.  After a couple more hours I had 10 and decided to call it a day.  I was still in half full mode.

The drive home really challenged that.  Coming across the I83 bridge I heard a bang and felt a jerk.  A quick look in the left side mirror confirmed my suspicion:

For those that are not familiar with the area that bridge has four lanes in each direction and it is usually packed.  Of course I was in the left lane.  I generally keep myself aware of surrounding traffic and a glance to the right mirror showed nobody over there!  I was able to get across to the "shoulder" without incident. 

Luck stayed with me as the guy who was behind me also pulled over to help.  We got the spare on after some hairy close calls with passing cars and trucks since the bad tire was on the traffic side.  As I pulled away I could see the spare needed air so I got off in HBG.  More good luck as I picked a good exit and turned on Paxton street finding a Firestone tire shop right there.  I got air in the tire and made it the rest of the way home even though the blowout had shredded the wiring to the left tail light.

This is going to cost me some coin to fix and it was very stressful but at the end of the day I feel very fortunate that nothing worse happened.  Glass half full.

Phil Sweeney:
Real nice getting the help!! If it had been rush hour it would have been a nightmare getting over!

Phil, it doesn't even need to be rush hour.  Thirty seconds one way or the other.

Had that happen at the Shady Nook ramp. The drop off there shredded one of my trailer tires. I was younger then and I wasn't in traffic.
And...That's just another reason I sold my boat...don't need that stress at 75.
Glad you didn't have a worse accident.



--- Quote from: DRY on July 13, 2021, 11:29:18 AM ---
Glad you didn't have a worse accident.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Bill.  Truth be told this is something I have always dreaded happening and when it did I was surprised the repercussions were not more serious.


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